Man awarded $361,000 after being fired by company

A man who worked at G&K Services from 2008 through 2010 was recently awarded $361,000 in a lawsuit he filed against the company for unjustly firing him.

According to the lawsuit, the man was fired because he sought worker’s compensation after being injured while on the job. He had been a shuttle driver for the company in 2008 when he suffered injuries in a car accident. The man was awarded workers’ compensation and told by a doctor that he would not be able to lift more than five pounds or sit for more than 45 minutes at work. The man’s managers accused him of faking his injuries and fired him in 2010 for allegedly faking doctors’ statements.

The man sued the company for his unjust termination, and a jury found in favor of the former employee.

Anyone who is injured while on the job has a right to workers’ compensation. If you or someone you love has been injured on the job, please contact the Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyers of Robert Wilson & Associates at (612) 334-3444.