OSHA issues new fall protection rules to be followed by contractors

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced a few weeks ago that they would be requiring homebuilders and general contractors to adhere to tougher fall protection rules, and the rules would have to be implemented in at least three months. However, the state of Minnesota opted to implement the rules on Monday, June 20, which has many wondering if contractors will be able to apply the new rules so soon.

As part of the new rules, private residential contractors will have to use standard safety equipment, such as guardrails and netting, to protect workers who are at least six feet above the ground. Critics of the new laws have said that the added cost of standard safety equipment will be passed on to consumers and raise the cost of building houses by $200-$500.

Minnesota contractors only had a couple of weeks to prepare for the changes, and, according to Pam Perri, the executive vice president of the Builders Association of Minnesota, “…to get them up to speed in a short period of time doesn’t happen, especially during construction season.”

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