Green energy projects have high construction injuries

Several watchdog groups warn that solar and wind powered energy structures are becoming extremely dangerous to build and maintain. Some workers are forced to stay in bathroom-sized rooms, full of high-voltage electrical equipment; others have been tangled in machinery or fallen from dangerous heights from installing solar panels and fixing windmill turbines.

According to the Caithness Windfarm Information Forum, there were 128 turbine accidents worldwide in 2008- a decade high. Some wind-powered construction jobs require employees to inspect blades while suspended in the air beside them. Turbine parts can weigh as much as 90 tons.

Solar panel installation involves what many consider the most dangerous professions- roofing, carpentry, and electrical work. Several workers have fallen off of roofs and complicated electrical wiring has caused explosions and electrical fires. Some of the wiring materials are extremely explosive and carcinogenic.

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