Excessive narcotic prescriptions lead to $1.5M settlement

Two doctors facing a wrongful death lawsuit have agreed to a settlement of $1.5 million after the family of the deceased accused them of over-prescribing narcotics, which ultimately resulted in death.

According to court documents, one doctor prescribed the deceased 160 Oxycontin, 120 Xanax, and 320 Percocet for over two years while another doctor prescribed 120 Oxycontin, 60 Xanax, and 120 Percocet for a year. Months leading up to his death, he suffered multiple organ failure that went unnoticed by the physicians.

Autopsy reports show the man died of an adverse reaction and dosage of the narcotics. While in the doctors’ care, he warned them of his asthmatic condition, but neither doctor ordered tests before writing him prescriptions. Neither offered alternatives other than narcotics.