Luxury cruise liner crashes, capsizes near Italy

The search for 16 passengers, including two Americans, on board a cruise liner continues just days after it crashed into the rocky ocean floor near Italy’s Giglio Island.

About 4,200 passengers and crew members were on the Costa Concordia when it sunk on its side Friday night. Reports state serious errors on the  captain’s part is to blame for the wreck that has claimed at least six lives. The ship traveled too close to shore and rocks ruptured the ships sides.

Dozens of passengers were injured as they scrambled to get aboard the limited number of lifeboats. Some jumped into the icy sea and swam to shore while others waited for hours for help to arrive. The ship’s captain has been arrested for manslaughter, causing the ship wreck, and abandoning the ship before all people on board were evacuated.

The thoughts of everyone at Robert Wilson & Associates are with the victims and their families affected by this accident. For more information about the rescue efforts, click here.