Minneapolis officer bitten by man

A Minneapolis police officer was severely injured after a mentally ill man bit off his finger.

According to police reports, the officer responded to a mental health emergency on the night of April 9 and subsequently had a 54-year old mentally ill suspect bite off a finger on his left hand. The mentally ill suspect was subdued by several other officers who responded to the scene. Minneapolis president of the police union, Sgt. John Delmonico, said the officer’s end finger was completely bitten off, but withheld his identity.

Unfortunately, police officers are often seriously injured or, as in this case, disfigured while doing their job. Depending on the situation, however, they may be owed workers’ compensation benefits, helping them financially make it through such a loss. Call (612) 334-3444 to speak with a lawyer from Robert Wilson & Associates to discuss your legal options if you believe you are owed workers’ comp benefits.