Workers’ compensation claim proven false by appearance on “The Price Is Right”

A former postal worker who was receiving workers’ compensation payments pleaded guilty of fraud in federal court on June 3 after she was seen spinning the “big wheel” on the popular game show, The Price Is Right.

Former Fayetteville postal carrier Cathy Wrench Cashwell claimed that she could not lift mail trays and put them in a truck after sustaining a shoulder injury while working in 2004. However, in September 2009, Wrench’s claim was questioned after she was seen on The Price Is Right spinning the “big wheel” twice. An indictment filed on September 2012 described how Cashwell managed to spin the wheel using her supposedly disabled arm. As a result, it was found that Cashwell deliberately lied when she stated on September 2011 that she is incapable of sitting, standing, climbing, bending, and reaching.

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