Cases of violence against hospital nurses not fully reported

A survey recently revealed that the majority of workplace violence towards nurses go unreported, Fierce Healthcare reported on November 20.

According to Medscape Multispecialty, only grave violence incidents against nurses are usually reported. In the report, 50 percent of the respondents stated that they tend to ignore acts of violence in the workplace when they are not physically injured. Other nurses tend to downplay workplace hostilities, believing it is an inherent aspect of the position. Others said it is inconvenient to report such incidents, as they believe nothing will be rectified. The report was released after a November 2 incident in a Maplewood, Minnesota Hospital where four nurses sustained injuries after a patient armed with a metal bar attacked them. Minnesota nurses claiming workers’ compensation benefits after being assaulted in the workplace reportedly increased.

As a nurse, being assaulted in a hostile work environment can be traumatic and may result in wage loss. If you have been injured in your workplace in Minnesota, the legal team of Robert Wilson & Associates may advocate for you to get your much needed workers’ compensation benefits. Phone us today at (612) 334-3444 to learn more about your options.