Subcontractor gets $25K fine after fatal Minnesota workplace accident

The Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ordered a South Dakota-based subcontractor to pay a fine after a worker fell and died while doing his job at Sparboe Farms, the Star Tribune stated on January 27.

Reports said OSHA ordered Pro-X Builders Inc. to pay $25,000 in late 2014 after farm worker Ruben Esquivel Solis, 23, accidentally fell while working on a chicken barn roof in Darwin Township last June. The fine was imposed after OSHA found that the subcontractor failed to provide sufficient safety measures for workers doing work on a surface of more than 15 feet above the ground. The subcontractor did not contest the amount of fine, the report also said, although the case was not closed yet. Records revealed that in 2012, at least 269 construction workers nationwide died as a result of fall accidents.

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