OSHA still investigating deadly accident in Vikings Stadium construction

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently stated that they are still investigating the recent accident that happened during the construction of Vikings Stadium, where one worker was killed and another was injured, CBS Minnesota reported on September 2.

In a report, OSHA stated that the two workers of Berwald Roofing “fell and slid” while they were positioning a roof. The worker who was fatally injured in the accident fell and struck a platform above the ground after he went through a guardrail. The other worker, according to OSHA, only sustained injuries from the accident after he was caught by a post. OSHA is investigating if the man who was fatally injured was restrained by a harness when the accident happened. Reports revealed that the employer of the two workers had received nine counts of citations from OSHA in the last five years- mainly for failing to protect workers from fall accidents.

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