Worker injured in electrical explosion

A Minntac worker was badly injured in an electrical accident inside an iron ore plant in Mountain Iron, Minnesota, according to an article released on October 16.

The accident occurred just before 8 a.m. at U.S. Steel’s Minntac Taconite when a piece of electrical equipment exploded. A worker identified as Jon Malek sustained serious injuries.

Malek was rushed to a hospital and reported to be in stable condition. The plant operation was temporarily stopped due to power outage. The explosion incident will be investigated by the company with the help of regulatory authorities, a spokeswoman of U.S. Steel said.

Malek has been working in the company for almost 17 years.

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2 city workers hurt on the job

Two city workers were injured in an accident while cleaning a sewer in Minnesota on the afternoon of Thursday, July 11.

Reports coming from authorities said the accident happened in the 1900 Block on Plymouth Avenue. The two workers were knocked down by a fire hose that they were using to clean a sewer. The fire hose was dragged down the street after it got tangled in the axle of a truck.

The city workers are reportedly recovering after sustaining minor injuries in the accident.

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Common office injuries that may cause disabilities

Unfortunately, there are a number of injuries that occur in an office setting and which may prevent an employee from performing his or her job.

One of the most common accidents that occurs in the office is a slip and fall accident. This typically happens because of wet floors, sitting on unstable chair, frayed carpets, or tripping on electrical cords. Such falls can cause a person to break a bone or suffer other injuries, which lead to short or long-term disabilities.

Another common cause of office injuries if faulty office equipment. When there is defective equipment in an office, an employee may be seriously injured in a variety of ways. For example, an employee who accidentally plugs in a busted cord of a computer or printer may be electrocuted, or an employee who lifts heavy objects in the office may sustain debilitating back injuries.

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Minneapolis officer bitten by man

A Minneapolis police officer was severely injured after a mentally ill man bit off his finger.

According to police reports, the officer responded to a mental health emergency on the night of April 9 and subsequently had a 54-year old mentally ill suspect bite off a finger on his left hand. The mentally ill suspect was subdued by several other officers who responded to the scene. Minneapolis president of the police union, Sgt. John Delmonico, said the officer’s end finger was completely bitten off, but withheld his identity.

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3 indicted for assaulting 2 Sherburne jail officials

Three inmates have been indicted after they attacked two Sherburne County Jail officers.

Prosecutors stated that the two correctional officers suffered multiple injuries after they were ganged up on by the three inmates inside Sherburne County Jail on February 8. The defendants used pepper spray and a chair. The assault suspects were identified as Native Mob Gang member Ira Goodwin, 26, who was held for charges of federal racketeering related to a case in Minneapolis; Michael Luedtke, 25, who was held while awaiting his prison assignment after being indicted of armed robbery; and Edward Robinson, 28, who was held for arson and murder charges on the Red Lake Indian Reservation.

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Workers injured in paper mill explosion, one fatality

Four employees were injured and one was killed yesterday afternoon in Sartell when an explosion and fire broke out in the Verso Paper Corp. paper mill. Firefighters are still trying to put out the flames on several hundred-pound paper rolls.

About 50 employees were at the mill when the explosion occurred. The deceased was identified as a 50-year-old man from Albany. The injured workers were transported to St. Cloud Hospital and later released.

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation. Officials believe the source of the explosion was an air compressor. The paper mill is the largest employer and tax payer in Sartell, according to Knox News.