Minnesota Long-Term Disability Appeals Lawyers

Workers’ compensation helps injured workers pay their bills and recover lost wages after an accident on the job. To receive workers’ comp, the injured party is required to submit a claim, which must be approved by his or her company’s insurance provider. Sadly, when insurance companies deny claims, injured workers are often left to cope with their losses alone.

If you have had your long-term disability benefits claim denied, the Minnesota long-term disability appeals lawyers at Robert Wilson & Associates can help you file an appeal and fight for the benefits you need. To speak with an attorney today, contact our offices by calling 612-334-3444.

Long-Term Disability Appeals

When workers’ compensation claims are denied, injured workers do not get the help they need to deal with their losses. At Robert Wilson & Associates, we are committed to fighting for workers’ rights and can help you file an appeal against a denied workers’ comp claim by:

  • Informing your employer’s insurance company of your intent to appeal
  • Evaluating your denied claim
  • Collecting and submitting strong evidence to refute the denial

If your long-term disability claim has been denied, a qualified Minnesota long term disability lawyer may be able to help you file a successful appeal to help you get the fair compensation you need to cover the cost of your losses.

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If you or someone you know needs assistance filing a workers’ compensation claim, appealing a denied claim, or taking legal action against a workers’ compensation insurance provider, the Minnesota long-term disability appeals lawyers at Robert Wilson & Associates can evaluate your situation and determine your best course of action. Contact our offices today at 612-334-3444 for more information.