Laborers commemorated victims at “Workers Memorial Day” in Saint Paul

Sporting their work safety apparel, construction workers recently gathered in Saint Paul to honor lost coworkers at the annual Workers Memorial Day ceremony, Daily Planet reported on April 30.

This day pays tribute to workers nationwide who were either killed or injured while doing their jobs, as well as serves to promote workplace safety.

In this year’s commemoration, four construction workers from Building Trades carrying crosses were seen at the Workers Memorial Garden. The four crosses were dedicated to the four individuals who died of work-related illnesses or accidents in 2014.

Senator Tom Bakk said that 15 people die in construction accidents in Minnesota every year. State labor and industry commissioner Ken Peterson said that many workers from other line of jobs are at risk of dying in the workplace, as well. From all occupations, 60 to 70 people are killed from workplace-related causes in Minnesota every year.

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