Attorney Roger Poehls helps injured baggage handler settle workers’ comp suit

Attorney Roger Poehls of Robert Wilson & Associates was recently featured in the StarTribune after helping Christopher “Kip” Hedges, a former baggage handler for Delta Air Lines, reach a settlement in a workers’ compensation case filed against the Atlanta-based airline. Hedges suffered severe back injuries in the course of his job, and filed a workers’ compensation claim to pursue compensation for these injuries. In accordance with the terms of the settlement, the actual amount settled upon is to remain private.

According to Poehls, “I think all parties were satisfied with the results. It was a difficult situation for someone that spent so much time working for the airlines.”

In addition to the workers’ compensation case, Hedges was also pursuing a separate claim against the company after he was fired for making public comments about low wages and attempting to unionize.

This case began when Hedges claimed he was fired in December for stating that “a lot of Delta workers make less than $15 an hour and are very concerned about this issue.” The statement was made during a video interview for the online labor publication Workday Minnesota. Hedges also reached a confidential settlement in this case.