Three options in filing an OSHA safety and health complaint

Under the law, employees and other persons authorized are allowed to file a complaint or have their workplace inspected by agents of Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) upon noticing a potential danger that could cause them harm. Below are the three ways on how workers and their representatives could file a complaint:

  • Through OSHA’s online form
  • Through Fax or physical mail
  • Through OSHA’s local telephone

Complainants should know that OSHA handle all complaints seriously, making sure that the identity of the complainant is protected. OSHA does not require workers to know all the standards for them to file a complaint. If workers believe that a hazard could take place in their workplace, they are encouraged to file a complaint upon noticing it as OSHA can only take an action to a complaint filed within a period of six months of the violation.

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