Pit bull attacks another victim

A pit bull attacked a woman waiting at a bus stop last last week, and she is just the latest of several of the dog’s victims. Several neighbors claim the dog had terrorized their neighborhood for years.

A mother claims the same dog attacked her five year-old daughter as she was walking to school. It was only after the woman hit the dog several times that it let go of the girl’s backpack. Another woman says the pit bull attacked her mother and aunt. And other neighbor claims the dog charged her nephew and ripped his pants.

Residents, many of who were scared to just walk down the street, are relieved that the dog is gone. The woman who was attacked last week is believed to fully recover from her injuries.

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Child attacked by pit bull

Last week, a one year-old child was attacked by a pit bull in the parent’s home of her mother’s boyfriend. The attack happened in Charlotte, North Carolina and is the state’s second gruesome pit bull attack this year.

The child is currently in critical condition, recovering from life-threatening injuries. Reports claim that the baby suffered severe lacerations and the mother was also injured trying to pull the dog off. Animal Control took the dog into quarantine and witnesses say that at least three Animal Control vans were filled with other pit bulls that lived in the home.

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Minneapolis police K-9 retired after biting officer

Benny, the Minneapolis police K-9, has been forced to retire after he bit an officer last fall. This is not the first incident the German Shepherd, who worked in the patrol and narcotics division, has had.

The city of Minneapolis will pay the officer $25,000 for his injuries. Benny has cost the city more than $100,000 since he joined the department in 2003. The officer missed several days of work due to his injuries and may need surgery after the dog repeatedly bit him.

The incident occurred when the officer responded to call about a police chase. After the vehicle stopped, another officer was taking the suspect out of the car to arrest him when Benny ran pass both of them and bit the man.

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Woman bitten by dog outside of Walgreens

Police in South Dakota are looking for the owner of a dog who bit a woman when she was walking outside of a Walgreens.

According to reports, the woman was outside of the Walgreens when she saw four dogs tied to a bike. The owner, who was described as being a white male with brown hair, was standing with the dogs. The woman asked to pet one of the dogs, and, while doing so, was bitten by one of the other dogs. The woman’s skin was broken, and she began bleeding.

The owner of the dogs immediately left the area following the bite. Police are now asking anyone who may know the man to call the animal control hotline.

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