Assisted living facility fire caused by arson

A fire that broke out in a Northfield assisted living facility was deemed arson after a 46 year-old resident admitted to starting the fire.

Nearly 40 residents were evacuated after someone found saw a fire in an unoccupied room. While the fire was put out quickly, smoke had spread throughout the facility. One resident was taken to the the hospital for observation and other was admitted after complaining of chest pains.

Officials say the arsonist told authorities he started the fire by igniting paper over an open flame but did not give a reason why. Some of the evacuated residents were accommodated by the Northfield Hospital while repairs are being made to the facility.

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Starbucks to pay for slip and fall accident

A San Diego Superior Court jury awarded a man $7.5 million for a slip and fall accident that occurred at Starbucks.

The man was walking from the cashier to the pickup counter at a Starbucks in 2008 when he slipped on the floor the manager was mopping. He injured his head and has not been able to return to work as a chiropractor since the fall.

Court documents show that the jury agreed with the prosecutors that Starbucks Coffee Co. was negligent in the maintenance of its property. The $7.5 million will compensate the man for lost income, medical expenses, and the loss of enjoyment of life. $1 million will go to his wife for loss of consortium.

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Tragic elevator accident kills woman

Yesterday morning a 41 year-old woman was killed when an elevator at her office building in Manhattan malfunctioned and crushed her.

The advertising executive for Y&R was walking into the elevator when it suddenly began to ascend, says firefighters. The doors did not close and it continued to rise, crushing her between the car and the shaft wall. It then became stuck between the first and second floors.

Two people inside the elevator helplessly witnessed everything, but were not harmed. It was an hour before they were rescued and taken to the hospital for psychological trauma.

Records show the building had fourteen open elevator violations, but a spokesperson said they were not for hazardous conditions.

Our deepest sympathies are with the family and friends of the woman.

Woman sues Kmart for injuries in slip and fall accident

A woman from Louisiana recently filed a lawsuit against Kmart after she slipped and fell while shopping at the store in September 2010.

In the lawsuit, the woman claims that she slipped on a water spill that was located between two checkout counters. She claims that the spill was in full view of the store’s employees and is citing negligence as a factor in the accident.

The woman is seeking $900,000 from the store as punitive and compensatory damages. A trial by jury has been requested for the case.

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