Minnetonka workers injured after trench collapse

At least two workers suffered injuries in Minnetonka after they were involved in a workplace accident while doing work on a trench, an article of KARE 11 reported on July 25.

According to reports, the two male construction workers, whose names were not revealed, were trapped after the trench they were working in suddenly collapsed. One worker was completely covered by the collapsed trench while the other one was partially covered. It took rescuers approximately 20 minutes to extract them after arriving on the scene. The workers are employees of Dave Perkins Contracting Inc. and were preparing the area for maintenance when the accident happened. The victims were transported to a Hennepin County medical facility. One of the workers was unconscious and the other was in moderate condition. An investigation was conducted by the Department of Labor and Industry regarding the incident.

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1 dead, 1 badly hurt in Vikings stadium accident

A worker recently died and another was hospitalized with serious injuries after they got involved in a construction accident in Minnesota, an article from Star Tribune reported on August 27.

Reports said on August 26, two employees of Berwald Roofing Co. accidentally fell from the Vikings stadium roof. Both of the roofers, who were working on the edge of the roof, fell into the snow gutter from an estimated height of 50 feet. One of the workers, identified as a Northfield resident, was killed in the accident while the other individual, who was not named, was seriously injured. Though details of the accident were not released yet, Mortenson Construction Senior Vice President John Wood stated that the two workers were doing standard work when the accident happened.

The Minnesota lawyers of Robert Wilson & Associates express our deepest condolences to the family and friends who are mourning in the loss of their loved one.

Office injuries are often caused by repetitive motion

Office workers who spend most of their time sitting in front of a computer screen may unknowingly sustain injuries from repetitive movement.

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) affect the tendons, joints, and nerves of the upper body. These injuries initially go unnoticed since they are minimal and their exact cause is unobvious.

Employees who type for long hours at poorly set up workstations could suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, workers who avoid taking breaks are more likely to suffer from migraines and bursitis. Bursitis occurs when the sacs over the joints swell.

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