Tina Fey to settle $79k workers’ compensation judgment

Comedienne Tina Fey was recently ordered by the New York Supreme Court to pay $79,000 for failing to provide workers’ compensation insurance to her employees, according to a report published on April 1.

According to reports, the order was issued to the 43-year-old actress on March 20. Fey reportedly failed to provide workers’ compensation insurance to her employees from November 2012 until February of this year. However, a spokeswoman for the comedienne stated that the notices had been sent by the New York Workers’ Compensation Board to an old mailing address and the issue was a result of a clerical error.

Though court documents failed to specify the type of employees that were affected, the spokeswoman said that the worker’s comp insurance never lapsed.

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2 city workers hurt on the job

Two city workers were injured in an accident while cleaning a sewer in Minnesota on the afternoon of Thursday, July 11.

Reports coming from authorities said the accident happened in the 1900 Block on Plymouth Avenue. The two workers were knocked down by a fire hose that they were using to clean a sewer. The fire hose was dragged down the street after it got tangled in the axle of a truck.

The city workers are reportedly recovering after sustaining minor injuries in the accident.

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