2 catering staff members injured in Minneapolis truck mishap

Two employees of a catering service suffered injuries at an international airport in Minneapolis after the delivery truck they were riding in got involved in an accident, an article of KARE 11 reported on November 27.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) said a food delivery truck containing two people fell into a tunnel leading to the airport’s terminal and airfield after crashing into a tarmac’s gate at MSP International Airport. The two men were treated for the non-life-threatening injuries they sustained. Though the catering firm was known for servicing airplanes at the airport, authorities are still figuring out the cause of the solo vehicle accident. Responding crews confirmed that none of the flights were affected by the incident.

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Fosston deputy injured in helicopter shooting

A deputy in Polk County recently suffered injuries after someone fired shots at the helicopter he was riding in while surveying an area, an article of Post Bulletin reported on August 9.

According to reports, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection helicopter was hovering over an area on August 8 where authorities believe that drug activity was taking place. The helicopter’s window was then damaged after someone shot at it with a firearm. A deputy in the chopper, whose name was not released, was transported to a hospital for treatment of his injuries, which were caused by the fired shots or from the chopper’s glass window. Responding authorities from Clearwater arrested a 71-year-old suspect from a cabin in the woods where they believe the two shots came from. The helicopter’s pilot was not harmed in the shooting incident.

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Alternative school staff members attacked in Minnesota

A staff member at Harrison Education Center was assaulted by a student on January 7, causing shock and alarm to the Minneapolis School District. This incident marks the fourth assault of a staff member in Minneapolis schools.

Reports said there were two other employees at Harrison Education Center who were attacked by students since December, and a similar incident also took place at River Bend alternative school for K-8 in November. Though the unidentified female teacher who was assaulted on January 7 was not injured, other incidents resulted in staff members sustaining injuries. Principal Monica Fabre of Harrison Education Center, who was assaulted by a female student last month, said she is hoping to recover soon from the concussion she sustained.

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Four qualifying factors for workers’ compensation claims

The workers’ compensation benefits program is designed to sustain the financial needs of individuals who have been injured while doing their jobs. While a majority of companies provide such coverage to their employees, it is important for claimants to consider the following before filing a claim:

  • Whether your company provides workers’ compensation coverage
  • If your injury was sustained in the workplace or while performing work-related duties
  • How to provide as much information regarding the injury as possible
  • If a personal injury lawsuit may be more appropriate than a workers’ comp claim

Fully considering the above factors before applying for your workers’ compensation benefits will be an essential part of filing a successful claim that can help you recover from your workplace injury.

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Worker dies in Lakeville industrial mishap

An industrial worker was recently killed after he was involved in a workplace accident in Lakeville, a November 16 local Eyewitness News article reported.

Information coming from Lakeville Police said Burnsville resident Mitchell Robert Hauschildt, 28, suffered serious injuries at a Genpak industrial facility located at 8235 220th Street on November 15. According to the incident report, authorities were notified of a workplace accident at around 7:43 in the morning. Houschildt was reportedly involved in an incident with a packaging machine that resulted in his sustaining severe injuries. He was airlifted to a hospital, but was unable to recover and died later.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) revealed that Genpak has previously received three citations that were all considered to be serious. OSHA and police are investigating the fatal workplace accident, and Genpak representatives have announced that they will be cooperating with authorities during the investigation. The company also expressed sympathy for the family of the victim in a statement issued after the death.

OSHA to hold meeting to discuss whistleblower rights

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is expected to hold a meeting in Washington tomorrow, Tuesday, November, 10, to further enforce employees to report any employers who are negligent in providing work-conducive environment, OSHA reported on October 26.

Reports said the Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee (WPAC) will also attend the meeting to discuss possible measures for protecting whistleblowing employees who step forward to report negative practices of their employing companies.

Public comments, presentation of state plans, and work group discussions are also expected to take place in the meeting. The meeting falls under OSHA’s provision to protect employees in various industries who are vigilant in maintaining healthy, safe, and accountable workplaces, and for ensuring that employers are abiding by OSHA regulations.

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Minnesota hospital employee badly injured in attack

A staff member in a Minnesota hospital recently suffered serious injuries after being attacked by one of the patients, the St. Peter Herald reported on July 14.

According to reports, St. Peter Police were called at around 7:25 p.m. on July 13 after a female employee was assaulted by a 16-year-old patient inside Minnesota Security Hospital. A statement from a workers’ group revealed that the female staff member, whose identity was not disclosed, sustained serious injuries after the patient struck her head against the wall and kicked her several times. Police officials and the Minnesota Department of Human Services are investigating the incident. A worker union in Minnesota rallied in St. Peter just this past April to express concern about employees in hazardous working environments.

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Minnesota truck operator injured in road accident

A semitrailer truck operator from Isanti, Minnesota became injured when the vehicle he was driving got involved in an accident in the eastern portion of Preston, the Post Bulletin reported on June 30.

Information coming from the Minnesota State Patrol revealed that 28-year-old Peter Burhite was brought to Mayo Clinic Hospital-Saint Mary’s Campus due to non-life threatening injuries he sustained. Sheriff Tom Kaase of Fillmore County said the semitrailer was on the southbound portion of U.S. Highway 52 when it lost control and struck a cemented culvert. The state Department of Transportation reportedly assisted responding authorities in the crash scene.

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Hundreds of Minneapolis construction workers learn from safety expert

Over 450 workers in Minneapolis recently participated in an event backed by OSHA to learn safety tips in the workplace, Finance & Commerce reported on May 6.

Construction workers listened to Trevor Taylor on how to be properly protected from fall accidents. Data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration revealed that out of the 828 construction workers killed in 2013 nationwide, at least 291 of them died from falling. In Minnesota alone, five construction workers died from falls last year, state records revealed. Taylor, who is a safety expert, told participants about the importance of properly inspecting their harness before wearing it. The event was part of the “National Fall Prevention Stand Down,” held from May 4 to 15.

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Minnesota egg producer fined after worker was scalped by machine

An egg producer in Litchfield, Minnesota was ordered by the state’s OSHA to pay a fine worth $9,100 after a female workers lost her scalp last year in a workplace accident, the Independent Review reported on March 26.

Reports said Vanessa Enriquez, 27, who was subcontracted to work for Sparboe Farms, had her hair caught in machinery while cleaning. Deputy Tom Dale of Meeker County said Enriquez had her scalp almost completely removed from the incident. Enriquez had to be airlifted to a hospital where she underwent a procedure to have her scalp reattached. A report revealed that the place where Enriquez’s hair became trapped was not protected by anything that would have prevented an incident like this from happening. Sparboe Farms appealed the two violations filed against them in February and will try to settle the case with the state’s OHSA officials.

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