OSHA app updated to detect hot weather conditions

Officials of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently updated a phone application (app) for workers to monitor hot temperatures while in the field, azcentral reported on June 17.

The “OSHA Heat” app that was originally launched in 2011 reportedly released an improved version for users to detect heat index in particular areas and warn them of the illnesses that they may get from exposure to excessive heat. The Department of Labor revealed that 650 workers, the majority of which were male, have died since 1999 as a result of being exposed to heat. People may download the “OSHA Heat” app in their mobile phones for free.

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Laborers commemorated victims at “Workers Memorial Day” in Saint Paul

Sporting their work safety apparel, construction workers recently gathered in Saint Paul to honor lost coworkers at the annual Workers Memorial Day ceremony, Daily Planet reported on April 30.

This day pays tribute to workers nationwide who were either killed or injured while doing their jobs, as well as serves to promote workplace safety.

In this year’s commemoration, four construction workers from Building Trades carrying crosses were seen at the Workers Memorial Garden. The four crosses were dedicated to the four individuals who died of work-related illnesses or accidents in 2014.

Senator Tom Bakk said that 15 people die in construction accidents in Minnesota every year. State labor and industry commissioner Ken Peterson said that many workers from other line of jobs are at risk of dying in the workplace, as well. From all occupations, 60 to 70 people are killed from workplace-related causes in Minnesota every year.

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Minnesota egg producer fined after worker was scalped by machine

An egg producer in Litchfield, Minnesota was ordered by the state’s OSHA to pay a fine worth $9,100 after a female workers lost her scalp last year in a workplace accident, the Independent Review reported on March 26.

Reports said Vanessa Enriquez, 27, who was subcontracted to work for Sparboe Farms, had her hair caught in machinery while cleaning. Deputy Tom Dale of Meeker County said Enriquez had her scalp almost completely removed from the incident. Enriquez had to be airlifted to a hospital where she underwent a procedure to have her scalp reattached. A report revealed that the place where Enriquez’s hair became trapped was not protected by anything that would have prevented an incident like this from happening. Sparboe Farms appealed the two violations filed against them in February and will try to settle the case with the state’s OHSA officials.

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Ways to file a complaint with OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) and resulting organization has provided three anonymous options for workers who would like to file a complaint if they believe that their OSHA rights has been violated:

1. Workers may submit their written complaints online by visiting the agency’s website under “complaint form.”
2. Workers may file a complaint by calling their regional or area OSHA office. Contacting OSHA through telephone is advised if there is a danger or an emergency situation that needs to be addressed immediately.
3. Workers with an OSHA complaint may download and print a complaint form from a link provided online. Upon completing the complaint form, workers may mail or fax the form to their regional office.

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Public safety workers unprepared to handle oil accidents

In a January 15 study of the Minnesota Public Safety Department, public workers were found to lack knowledge about how to respond to oil accidents, such as train or pipeline accidents, the Grand Forks Herald stated.

According to the report, safety workers were poorly rated in terms of preparedness. The local governments also lacked trained workers and appropriate equipment for responding to great oil spills and fires, the study revealed. Several trains containing huge amount of crude oil pass through Minnesota every day. The report stressed the importance of training fire crews and emergency personnel to respond efficiently in oil disasters.

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