Lifting related injuries

Although any worker may be susceptible to developing lifting related injuries, a person who works in the construction industry typically has a higher risk of sustaining injuries due to excessive lifting of heavy materials or equipment.

Excessive lifting of heavy materials on the job site may lead to serious injuries in the long run. In fact, construction workers may develop disorders in their back and other parts of their body if muscles and other bones are injured as a result of lifting heavy objects in the work place. Workers may also suffer strains in their shoulders and legs when lifting heavy objects. Additionally, more serious injuries may affect workers if they sustain nerve damage or if their spinal cord is affected.

Sustaining injuries in the workplace that are caused by heavy lifting can have numerous detrimental affects on a worker’s life. Fortunately, if you have sustained such an injury in Minnesota, an attorney from Robert Wilson & Associates might be able to help you get much-needed financial assistance through workers’ compensation. Discuss filing a claim by calling (612) 334-3444.