$165,000.00 for girl who was bitten on the cheek by a dog.

C.O. was 35 year old when he was in a motorcycle accident. The insurance company refused to take the case seriously, offering only $12,000.00. Robert Wilson tried before a jury in Le Sueur County. The Jury awarded C.O. $189,000.00.

B.G., a 61 year old woman, suffered a torn rotator cuff in her shoulder after falling while testing a treadmill at a sporting goods store. The case settled for $65,000.00 after RWAA proved to the insurance company that the treadmill had been set to “HI” at the time the treadmill was turned on, unexpectedly throwing BG from the treadmill.

T.H. was working as a roofer when he fell off a roof. Unfortunately, T.H. lost his leg in the accident. We brought a worker’s compensation claim. T.H.’s employer did not have Workers Compensation insurance, so we were able to bring a claim against the Minnesota Special Compensation Fund. The Fund denied that T.H. was and Employee and refused to offer any money. We won the case at trial. As of this date the Special Compensation Fund had paid out over $600,000.00 on behalf of T.H. T.H. is unable to work, and as a result of our efforts, he will continue to receive his weekly wage loss until the age of retirement.

V.B. was a long term employee of a nursing home when he suffered a serious back injury requiring a fusion surgery. The worker’s compensation carrier initially refused to pay for the surgery, and we went to a hearing where the court forced the insurance company to pay for the surgery, and to pay V.B. weekly wage replacement checks. Because we were able to prevail at trial, V.B. will receive the wage loss benefits until the age of retirement. We also were able to get the insurance company to pay V.B a settlement to cover the PPD rating to his back.

$94,000.00 settlement of a 56 year old nurse who was unable to continue working after suffered an injury lifting a patient.

$1 million settlement against a bar for the causing the intoxication of a drunk driver who paralyzed a 23 year old man in an auto accident

JC was injured at work and the workers compensation insurance company refused to pay for an MRI. After a hearing, the Judge said the MRI was reasonable and ordered the insurance company to pay for the MRI. JC’s attorney’s fees were paid by the insurance company.

$37,500.00 for A.V. who was bitten in the hand by a dog.

$200 000 settlement 3rd party liability

Confidential settlement against U.S. auto manufacturer for defective design of a motor vehicle, resulting in quadriplegia to young man. a 67 year old woman who suffered serious burns when a kitchen cabinet fell off of her wall while she was cooking. After the lawsuit was started, the attorney for the contractor threatened to bring a claim for penalties against Robert Wilson for bringing at “frivolous” lawsuit, arguing the cabinet was to blame, not the installer. Through depositions, we were able to prove the contractor knew that the cabinet wasn’t secured properly. This insurance company ultimately paid $135,000.00.

S.W. was providing 24-hour care for her terminally ill boyfriend. Because neither she nor her boyfriend was able to continue working, we were able to assist SW in applying for employment through a in-home nursing care agency, so she could get paid for care she was providing. She later suffered a lifting injury while working and we were able to secure a $95,000.00 settlement from the workers compensation insurance company.

$465,000.00 settlement for the family of a girl killed in an automobile accident.

$300,000.00 policy limits settlement on behalf of 3 children who were burned in a fire. The claim was made against a landlord for failing to repair a defective space heater.

TP was injured after falling over some boxes in a hardware store in Shorewood, MN. The store’s insurance company denied that the store was at fault and refused to offer a settlement.. Robert Wilson took the case to trial. During litigation, we discovered the store had destroyed a witness statement and video surveillance of the fall. A Hennepin County Jury awarded TP $56,000.00.

We represented JS, a man whose wife was injured in a car accident. The injuries affected the marital relationship, and we brought a claim against the driver causing the accident. The insurance company refused to acknowledge that JS was entitled to anything, telling us they would rather pay their attorney to try the case than to pay JS any money. We took the case to a trial, and a Chisago County Jury awarded JS $150,000.00.

$70,000.00 settlement for young girl who lost the tip of her finger after it got crushed in a door while at a daycare. We were able to prove that the day care violated Minnesota law by having too many children at the day care at the time.

$63,000.00 settlement for child who lost a finger after her finger got slammed in a door. We believed the device that was to stop the door was defective.

Confidential settlement for the family of a man who died of a head injury after getting pushed out of a liquor establishment by a liquor store employee.

$400,000 wage loss settlement.