Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you’ve suffered from a workplace accident or have been a victim of another party’s negligence in Minnesota, you should know your rights. We understand the cost of medical bills and the amount of lost wages incurred during your absence from work can cause excessive stress and anxiety. The attorneys at Robert Wilson & Associates are here to help you recover monetary compensation for your worker’s compensation claim. The personal injury attorneys at Robert Wilson & Associates are prepared to discuss the details of your case and offer a comforting and guiding hand through the legal process.

Since 1991, the Minnesota workers’ compensation attorneys at Robert Wilson & Associates have successfully represented thousands of people in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and in the Northwest Suburbs of Minnesota. Over the last quarter of a century, we’ve garnered a national reputation for our momentous verdicts, substantial settlements, and our experience in the complex areas of personal injury and workers’ compensation. We have been listed as Super Lawyers, are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum for the Top Trial Lawyers in America where less than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members, and are a part of The National Trial Lawyers Top 100—a national organization.

For more than 26 years, Robert Wilson & Associates has provided the people of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Northwest Suburbs of Minnesota high – quality and thoughtful legal services. We view the people we represent as more than just clients; they’re our friends and community members. We will work diligently to protect the rights of Minnesota residents who have suffered from automobile accidents, wrongful death, or work injuries. If you’re looking for legal guidance for your personal injury or workers’ compensation claim, contact an attorney at Robert Wilson & Associates. We can provide you with thorough and effective legal representation during this difficult time. Call or text us for a confidential consultation at (612) 334-3444, fill out our contact form, or click on the grey banner on your screen to chat live with a representative.

Do I need a workers’ compensation or personal injury lawyer?

In short, we recommend that those who have suffered an accident or injury seek legal representation. As an injured victim, you could be entitled to receive compensation for the cost of your treatment, medical bills, therapy, lost wages during your time away from work and more. That being said, if you do not have a skilled attorney on your side to guide you through the legal process, it’s likely that you’ll receive much less financial compensation than you need or deserve. Additionally, an attorney who has handled thousands of cases in the fields of worker’s compensation or personal injury are more likely to receive a favorable verdict than someone pursuing the same goal with no legal background.

Navigating the legal process can be overwhelming and stressful. Let us handle the paperwork, conduct the important phone calls with insurance companies and perform the necessary research so that you can focus on healing and improving your health.

Why Choose Robert Wilson & Associates to handle my case?

The attorneys at Robert Wilson & Associates in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Northwest Suburbs of Minnesota have effectively handled thousands of cases. We go above and beyond for our clients, and take care to provide a sense of peace and reassurance to our clients in addition to delivering extraordinary legal representation. These are some of the qualities that set Robert Wilson & Associates above the rest:

Experience and growth

Robert Wilson & Associates was founded in Minneapolis in 1991. Since then, the firm has expanded to two other locations in St. Paul and in the Northwest Suburbs. Few firms can claim that kind of expansion in a record amount of time.

Track record

Our attorneys have unparalleled success in handling complicated personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. We’ve successfully provided our clients with ample compensation for their cases.

Award-winning team

The personal injury lawyers at Robert Wilson & Associates have received numerous national awards for their focused efforts towards those who are injured or ill. We have attorneys who are Super Lawyers, others who are privileged to be a part of the 1% of US attorneys in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum for the Top Trial Lawyers in America, and some that belong to The National Trial Lawyers Top 100. Our close-knit team of attorneys consult each other on legal matters and have access to top experts and medical professionals in order to provide you with a positive outcome on your case.

Our Practice Areas

The law surrounding workers’ compensation in Minnesota can be complex, leaving you with little idea as to how to pursue benefits to cover your accident injuries. We at Robert Wilson & Associates are prepared to help you through every step of your accident claim to ensure that your application is filed quickly and accurately. We have experience representing residents throughout Minnesota with their workers’ compensation claims and can assist you with legal issues that involve:

  • Workers’ Compensation: If you were injured on the job you have worker’s rights that are protected by law. We are prepared to fight for your employee benefits for financial coverage of medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other costs. Additionally, monetary compensation may be sought if responsibility for your injury lies with another party.
  • Long-Term / Permanent Disability: If you have suffered a serious injury that resulted in a long-term, permanent disability, we are knowledgeable on how to receive comprehensive coverage for your medical needs from workers’ compensation companies. We’re here to provide you with assistance during this difficult time as you focus on healing and recovering from your injury.
  • Short-Term / Temporary Disability: If your injury or illness is short-term and has resulted in a temporary disability, we are here to help you receive the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. We understand medical bills and time away from work can be costly, that’s why we’re here to provide legal support and guide you through the filing, appeal and litigation process.
  • Workplace Injuries: As an employee, your workplace should take care to provide a safe work environment. These measures include providing proper training, instruction, and support to carry out your job safely. If you suffered an injury at work, our Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyers are prepared to help you receive the reparations you are justly owed.
  • Personal Injury: Our attorneys are highly skilled in numerous areas of personal injury cases ranging from slip and fall injuries to wrongful death. We understand that victims and their families can feel overwhelmed and victimized after a serious accident. We’re here to provide our knowledge and reduce your stress by reviewing and pursuing your case efficiently and passionately.

Before claiming or accepting benefits through workers’ compensation in Minnesota, it may be in your best interest to speak to an experienced attorney. Our Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyers will review all details of your accident case and claim options to ensure that you are receiving the maximum payment possible. If you are denied benefits or are offered inadequate compensation, we are prepared to fight on your behalf for the payment that you are owed.

Worker Injury Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released an article stating there were “2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses” in the U.S. in 2015. Another article reporting the census of fatal occupational injuries stated there were 4,836 fatal work injuries in the year 2015 alone. Of those 4,836 fatal work injuries in 2015, 74 of them occurred in Minnesota. This number of fatal injuries in the workplace is the largest reported in Minnesota since 2006. In total, 3.5 out of 100 workers in Minnesota suffered a nonfatal injury or illness at their place of work in the 2015. These staggering statistics make it clear just how many people have been personally affected by an injury or just how likely it is that you may know someone who has faced an injury in the workplace.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety published crash facts for the year 2015 which state that 74,772 car crashes were reported, and in turn, affected 181,663 people. This means that roughly 3% of the population was in some way affected by a car crash in 2015. On an average day in the state of Minnesota, 205 car crashes occurred. There was a total of 411 fatalities on the road in 2015 which is shocking when considering that this number is an increase of 13.9% from the prior year. As these statistics reveal, the number of auto accidents are not only quite high in the Minnesota area, but the frequency and number of crashes are continuing to increase each year.

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The Minnesota workers’ compensation attorneys of Robert Wilson & Associates grew up, studied, and have lived in Minnesota for most of their lives. We understand how difficult a personal or workplace injury can be and are here to provide sympathetic and effective legal advice during this demanding time. That is why for more than 26 years, our attorneys have worked diligently to alleviate stress and provide our clients with the quality legal representation they deserve.

If you or someone you cherish have been injured in an accident in Minnesota, don’t waste any more time. Contact the attorneys at Robert Wilson & Associates for a confidential consultation at (612) 334-3444.