Firm Overview

Through hard work and loyalty to each and every client, Robert Wilson and Associates has evolved into one of Minnesota’s largest workers’ compensation law firms. Our talented staff of lawyers, paralegals, and law clerks work hard to provide legal guidance to clients. Though your case will be assigned to one lawyer, all of the lawyers rely on the advice and experience of each other. As such, there is an exceptionally high level of teamwork that goes on at Robert Wilson and Associates. It is rare that a case is resolved without utilizing the talents, strengths and experience of the other lawyers at the firm.

My philosophy is to treat every client as if he or she was a family member. This means that when I am speaking with a client, I try to treat that person the very same way that I would treat my brother or sister, or mom or dad. It is my goal that every single one of my clients is extremely satisfied with the quality of legal representation that I provide. This means that phone calls, emails, and texts are returned in a swift manner and that every client is regularly updated with the status of their case.

Whether we represent someone in an auto accident, work injury, or wrongful death claim, I make it a point to set up realistic expectations on the outcome of the case. When a client or potential client asks me what their case is worth, I sometimes ask them one of two things: whether they would simply like me to make them feel good by telling them that their case is worth a lot of money, or if they would like me to be completely honest and give them a realistic, accurate assessment of their case. I have yet to have a client tell me that they want me to make them feel good by giving them an inflated assessment of their case.