Workers' Compensation Attorney Serving St. Paul

Workers' Compensation Attorney Serving St. Paul

A work-related injury could potentially put you out of work for weeks, months, or even years. In some cases, the injury could be permanent, causing irreversible damage that may affect the rest of your life. When you or someone you love has been hurt on the job, you need an attorney that you can trust to pursue the compensation you are owed.

At Robert Wilson & Associates, we take pride in representing workers who are seeking workers’ compensation benefits for their injury-related costs. For a confidential consultation regarding your workers’ compensation eligibility and how we can help you, contact our St. Paul workers’ compensation attorneys today by calling (612) 334-3444.

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    If your workers’ compensation claim is delayed or denied, you could be left without the payments that you need to cover your injury-related costs. It is therefore important to consult with an experienced St. Paul workers’ compensation attorney about your claim to ensure that you receive your rightful compensation.

    We have experience helping workers in St. Paul and the surrounding area with a variety of work-related injury issues and are prepared to assist you with cases that involve:

    With the help of dedicated attorney, you can recover the maximum payment that you are owed through your workers’ compensation benefits. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost income from time off of work, disability payments, and more. Our St. Paul workers’ comp attorneys are prepared to negotiate the most beneficial settlement on your behalf. If your claim is denied, we will fight aggressively against the insurance company for the compensation that you deserve.

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    Don’t settle for a reduced or denied workers’ compensation claim if you have been injured on the job. Contact the St. Paul workers’ compensation lawyers of Robert Wilson & Associates at (612) 334-3444 to learn how we can assist you with your case.