Facing an Underpaid Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workplace injuries happen every day, in any kind of work environment. From minor injuries to those requiring major surgery and recovery time, workplace injuries can cause a worker to require medical attention and may leave him or her unable to return to work. These workers are typically entitled to claim workers’ compensation benefits under the law. Regrettably, the insurers reviewing a claim may attempt to underpay an injured worker in an effort to protect their own bottom line, leaving the affected worker and their family to face needless additional challenges.

If you have been injured at work and your claim was underpaid, you still may be able to get the compensation that you need. Contact the experienced Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyers of Robert Wilson & Associates by calling (612) 334-3444 to speak with a compassionate and committed legal representative about your situation.

What You Can Do

You may feel at a loss if your workers’ compensation claim has been underpaid. It is important to remember, though, that there are avenues available to seek the correction of this wrong. The following represents an appropriate course of response to an underpaid claim:

  • Investigate the reason for underpayment
  • Document all associated paperwork regarding your injury
  • Collect documentation of all injury-related expenses
  • Consult with a workers’ compensation attorney

By taking the above actions, you may be able to increase the likelihood of receiving the full value of your workers’ compensation claim. An ugly reality is that insurance companies may attempt to abuse a layperson’s lack of knowledge about the workers’ compensation process, and may regard the claim of an individual who is represented by an attorney more seriously.

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