5 Common Causes of Construction Falling Accidents

Falling accidents are unfortunately common in the workplace, especially for those in the construction industry as these sites often involve working at elevated heights as well as with temporary scaffolding. If a construction worker is injured as a result of an unsafe construction site, he or she could be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Because injured workers are often unable to return to work right away, these benefits can provide financial stability during a time of uncertainty.

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Falling Dangers at Construction Sites

Although there are many inherent dangers of construction sites, there are several situations whose hazards can be exacerbated by negligence or failure to follow safety protocol. Five of the most common causes of falling accidents at the workplace involve:

  1. Scaffolding collapse
  2. Absence of guardrails
  3. Faulty stairways
  4. Unstable walkways
  5. Slippery floors

The injuries that result from falling accidents can be serious and might include head or brain trauma, broken bones, or spinal cord damage. However, with Minnesota workers’ compensation benefits, you can remain financially stable for the duration of your injury or disability.

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