Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

Most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover their employees in the event of a work-related accident. Sadly, however, many people struggle with actually obtaining workers’ compensation payments after an on-the-job injury. While claims are sometimes denied because of missing or incomplete paperwork, other times, insurance companies may deny claims to protect their own financial interests.

Fighting a Denied Claim

The workers’ compensation system can be complicated for those who are not familiar with it, and if your claim has been denied, you should not attempt to take on your workers’ comp insurance provider without experienced legal assistance. A qualified Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney can help you with:

  • Filing a complete claim
  • Appealing a denied claim
  • Filing a lawsuit against your workers’ compensation insurer

When insurance companies act with their own profits in mind, innocent accident victims are left to struggle with medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and other expenses. Whether your claim was denied because it was lacking a complete work or medical history, or because of an act of bad faith on the part of your workers’ compensation insurance company, we can help you appeal the decision or take other legal action to pursue the benefits you need.

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If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, there are still legal options available to you. The Minnesota workers’ compensation attorneys at Robert Wilson & Associates are committed to the rights of workers and can help you fight for the compensation you need. Contact our offices at (612) 334-3444 to discuss your legal options.