The Most Common Workplace Injuries

Depending on your occupation, you could be subject to any number of injuries. Even seemingly tame jobs in an office building can cause injuries to workers. When a worker is injured while performing their regular duties, they may actually be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies are hesitant to award claims, and many injured workers give up on receiving benefits.

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8 Common Workplace Injuries

There are an infinite number of ways that workers can be injured. However, the most common workplace injuries often involve:

  1. Repetitive motion
  2. Construction
  3. Head / brain injuries
  4. Neck / spine injuries
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Transportation
  7. Employer negligence
  8. Exposure to toxins

These are eight of the most common culprits for workplace injuries. The costs associated with treating and recovering from workplace injuries can be extensive, and if a worker does not receive compensation, they may be unable to pay for these costs or return to work.

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