Typical injuries caused by heavy equipment on construction sites

Construction sites typically make use of a variety of different types of heavy equipment to help workers do their jobs more efficiently; however, these machines can also cause severe injuries to workers.

When a construction worker is harmed by a piece of heavy machinery, they may suffer from numerous types of serious injuries, such as brain and head injuries. Additionally, workers can easily damage their spinal cords if they fall from a great height or if a piece of equipment, such as scaffolding, collapses. Other serious accidents can cause workers to suffer from electrocution and burns if machinery malfunctions.

Sustaining injuries due to heavy construction equipment can have devastating consequences for a worker.  Fortunately, for workers injured in Minnesota, a lawyer from Robert Wilson & Associates may be able to help them pursue financial coverage through workers’ compensation. Find out what we can do for you by calling (612) 334-3444.