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Common office injuries that may cause disabilities

Unfortunately, there are a number of injuries that occur in an office setting and which may prevent an employee from performing his or her job. One of the most common accidents that occurs in the office is a slip and fall accident. This typically happens because of wet floors, sitting on unstable chair, frayed carpets, […] Read more

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Injured workers at risk of becoming addicted to narcotics

A new report by the Workers Compensation Research Institute published this week reveals that one in 12 injured workers who were prescribed narcotics are still using them three to six months later. The report shows that most doctors do not follow recommended treatment guidelines, such as monitoring services to prevent abuse, for workers who are […] Read more

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Workers’ compensation claims drop from 1997

According to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, the number of workers’ compensation claims fell from 8.7 per 100 full-time workers in 1997 to 4.9 per 100 workers in 2010. The labor commissioner attributes this to Minnestoa’s safer workplace environments. The report released today also shows that paid workers’ compensation claims fell 43 percent […] Read more

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Lack of sleep can lead to work injuries, says researchers

According to researchers for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, lack of can cause workplace injuries and even illness. About 30 percent of American workers as of 2000 did not get enough sleep, up from 24 percent in the 1980s. Lack or inefficient sleep can be contributed to factors such as working irregular […] Read more

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Workers’ comp claims up in the air during state government shutdown

Because Minnesota’s state government was recently shut down, many workers’ compensation claims have been left up in the air with workers questioning whether or not they will be receiving the benefits that they deserve. Disputed workers’ comp claims are usually mediated by government officials. However, during the government shutdown, mediation for workers’ comp disputes was […] Read more

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Report shows workers’ comp claims have decreased in Minnesota

A report recently issued by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry shows that workers’ comp claims in Minnesota decreased by 44 percent from the years 1997-2009. However, despite this drastic decrease in claims, there has been a 40 percent increase in worker disputes. Despite disputes increasing, many think that things are improving for Minnesota […] Read more

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Illinois moves to end workers’ compensation

Legislation to end workers’ compensation recently went to the Senate in Illinois after being approved by a Senate committee. The bill hopes to end workers’ compensation so that fraudulent workers’ compensation cases are decreased. The bill was approved in a 9-6 vote in the Senate Executive Committee. If the bill is approved once again on […] Read more

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Man awarded $361,000 after being fired by company

A man who worked at G&K Services from 2008 through 2010 was recently awarded $361,000 in a lawsuit he filed against the company for unjustly firing him. According to the lawsuit, the man was fired because he sought worker’s compensation after being injured while on the job. He had been a shuttle driver for the […] Read more