Workplace Injury Lawyer In Minneapolis

Many occupations involve work that could injure employees. Employers are typically required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance to help their employees to cope with the effects of a workplace accident. An injury sustained in the workplace is likely to necessitate that a worker seek medical attention, and it may prevent him or her from being able to work for some period of time. Despite the intentions of workers’ compensation law, injured workers all too often encounter reluctance to pay even rightful claims.

If you or someone you know has suffered a workplace injury, it is important to ensure that you understand your legal rights and the scope of benefits available under workers’ compensation. For assistance in this challenging time, contact the experienced Minneapolis workplace injury attorneys of Robert Wilson & Associates at 612-334-3444.

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    Cases We Can Help With

    We understand that there are many different situations which our clients may be facing, due to the variety of occupational hazards to which they have been exposed and injuries which they have sustained. You can rely on us for committed and experienced counsel in the handling of the following cases:

    • Construction accidents
    • Head / Brain Injuries
    • Repetitive Motion Injuries
    • Manufacturing Accidents
    • Transportation Accidents
    • Employer Negligence
    • Office Injuries
    • Spine Injuries
    • Exposure to Toxic Substances

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    If you or someone you know has suffered an injury at work, contact the experienced Minneapolis workplace injury lawyers of Robert Wilson & Associates by calling 612-334-3444 to discuss your workers’ compensation claim.