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In manufacturing jobs, there are risks of physical injury that other jobs tend to not have, and many of these are familiar to those who work within the industry. However, sometimes injuries can occur unexpectedly, like leg injuries from lifting accidents. When a worker injures one or both legs while lifting, he or she may not only suffer physical pain, but could also be required to miss some period of time on the job to allow for treatment and recovery. This can create substantial financial strain for an injured worker and his or her family.

If you or someone you know has suffered a leg injury due to work-related lifting in a manufacturing job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits which can help you pay the costs of treatment and recovery. Contact the experienced Minnesota manufacturing leg injury attorneys of Robert Wilson & Associates at 612-334-3444 today.

Causes of Lifting Leg Injuries

When a worker injures a leg, this can create a number of challenges. Beyond the need to duplicate whatever work-related action led to the injury, a worker may struggle to simply stand or to remain even basically mobile. Though the use of caution and proper lifting technique

  • Heavy lifting
  • Lifting without adequate equipment, support, or training
  • Lifting an awkwardly shaped object
  • Lifting an object with an unusual weight distribution

Whatever the cause of your work-related leg injury, it is important that you are properly advised of your legal rights and have all the facts regarding a workers’ compensation claim.

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