Minnesota Repetitive Motion Injury Attorneys

Over time, repeated manual work can take its toll on the body. Performing the same task day after day can eventually lead to chronic pain that may interfere with your ability to complete your work or even perform routine daily tasks. If you have sustained a work-related repetitive motion injury, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to cover your injury-related costs.

Navigating the workers’ comp claims process can be difficult without the assistance of an experienced attorney. To discuss your case with a Minnesota repetitive motion injury attorney who understands the complexities of workers’ compensation law, contact Robert Wilson & Associates at 612-334-3444.

Common Repetitive Motion Injuries

Because this type of injury develops over time, it is possible for a person to go years without ever noticing the progression of a repetitive motion injury, only to wake up one day with considerable pain. Repetitive motion injuries can also be aggravated by stress, prolonged working hours, or more intensive work. Some common chronic injuries that workers experience are:

Any of these injuries can be extremely painful and can interfere with all aspects of your work, possibly making it impossible for you to do your job. Fortunately, you may be eligible to claim workers’ compensation benefits to cover your medical bills, lost income from time off work, physical therapy treatments, and other injury-related expenses. Our Minnesota repetitive motion injury lawyers understand how important it is for you to receive the maximum compensation for which you are eligible and we will fight on your behalf for the benefits you need.

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