Spine Injury Lawyer Serving Minnesota

Spine Injury Lawyer Serving Minnesota

When you are injured on the job, you need an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer that you can trust to help you pursue all the benefits for which you are eligible. A serious injury such as a spine injury could affect you for the rest of your life. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits may be able to help to cover your injury-related costs so that you can focus on your recovery.

If you are seeking legal advice or assistance from a dedicated lawyer, look no further than the Minnesota spine injury lawyers of Robert Wilson & Associates. We have helped workers throughout Minnesota with their workers’ compensation claims and we are prepared to put our experience to work for you. Contact us today at 612-334-3444 to learn more about what we may be able to do for you.

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    Spine Injury Compensation

    Spine injuries are some of the most devastating injuries that a person can experience. Not only are these injuries painful, but they greatly restrict your ability to move and can even lead to permanent disability. At Robert Wilson & Associates, we take pride in representing workers who have sustained a spine injury on the job to help them pursue the benefits that they need. We can assist with cases that involve:

    • Whiplash— Often experienced in motor vehicle accidents, whiplash occurs when the neck moves rapidly in one direction and then another. If a driver is hit from behind, their head may jerk forward and then snap back. This condition may also result from other types of accidents, such as a fall or other high-speed impact. Whiplash may heal with time and treatment but could lead to long-lasting neck pain, spine damage, and other complications.
    • Paraplegia— This is paralysis in the lower half of the body. Paraplegia can have a variety of different causes, including auto accidents, falling, or even some forms of cancer or infection, damaging the spinal cord. This damage prevents the brain from sending signals to the lower body, resulting in the loss of function in one or both legs, as well as other areas below the waist. Recovery is sometimes possible, but paraplegia is often associated with permanent loss of lower motor function.
    • Quadriplegia — The inability to control either arms or legs, quadriplegia can result from major damage to the spine, especially near the brain. This could be the result of a car accident, a fall, or other major trauma to the back or neck. As with paraplegia, recovery may be possible after a period of rehabilitation, but quadriplegia means permanent paralysis in many cases.

    Workers’ compensation benefits can help to cover many different costs associated with your spine injury. Medical bills, lost wages, travel costs to and from medical appointments, and physical therapy costs are just some of the expenses that may be covered by your workers’ comp benefits.

    In addition, those who experience a permanent injury may be entitled to receive an additional disability payment via workers’ compensation. Our Minnesota spine injury lawyers can evaluate the details of your case to determine the full amount of benefits for which you qualify. We will work to negotiate with your employer’s insurance company to help you pursue maximum possible benefits, or if necessary, we can appeal a claims denial or initiate a lawsuit against an uncooperative insurer.

    Spinal Injuries And Workers’ Compensation

    Spine Injury Lawyer Serving MinnesotaWorkers’ compensation benefits provide payments for injuries you sustain on the job. Minnesota law requires all employers to carry workers’ comp insurance for their employees, with some limited exceptions. Workers’ comp is a no-fault system. You don’t have to prove liability on the part of the employer, and they can’t claim that you were negligent to deny you benefits.

    You may qualify for workers’ comp benefits if you have a spinal cord injury resulting from one of these accidents, among others:

    • Car, truck, or heavy vehicle accident
    • Falling or slipping at a job site
    • Being crushed by a falling object
    • Spinal damage from lifting heavy loads
    • Being hit with heavy equipment
    • Spinal cancer or infection (may start in other areas and spread to the spine)

    An experienced workers’ compensation attorney is critical to a successful claim, as deadlines and other rules tend to be complex and exacting and require detailed medical evidence. Robert Wilson & Associates can guide you through all the paperwork and meet all deadlines, so you can be sure nothing falls through the cracks.

    Types of Spinal Injuries

    Cervical – Often the most severe, these injuries occur at the top of the spine, near the head and neck. This region is located near the brain, and injuries here may result in quadriplegia.

    Thoracic – This region is located in the upper body and mid-back and may affect abdominal function, the ability to breathe, or the ability to stand upright.

    Lumbar – Located near the lower back, injuries might affect bladder or bowel function or require the use of a wheelchair or braces.

    Sacral – Injuries in this area at the base of the spine affect the hips and thighs but often still allow a person to walk.

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