What to do if a workers’ compensation claim is denied

Workers who sustain an injury in their workplace often must deal with not only the medical bills and other expenses that accrue as a result of their injury, but also, depending on the seriousness of the injury, lose income due to time off work. As such, many workers in this situation count on getting workers’ compensation benefits to help them deal with the financial difficulties an injury can bring about. Unfortunately, this means that when a claim is denied, a worker can be placed in a very difficult position.

Fortunately, though, there are certain things that injured workers whose initial claim was denied can do. For instance, they may bring their case to the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals (WCCA). In WCCA, claims of injured workers will be reconsidered by judges, and claimants are given the opportunity to prove their claim in court. By making an appeal, issues like mixed-up information or other errors in the initial claim can be clarified and claimants may eventually get their needed benefits.

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