2 catering staff members injured in Minneapolis truck mishap

Two employees of a catering service suffered injuries at an international airport in Minneapolis after the delivery truck they were riding in got involved in an accident, an article of KARE 11 reported on November 27.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) said a food delivery truck containing two people fell into a tunnel leading to the airport’s terminal and airfield after crashing into a tarmac’s gate at MSP International Airport. The two men were treated for the non-life-threatening injuries they sustained. Though the catering firm was known for servicing airplanes at the airport, authorities are still figuring out the cause of the solo vehicle accident. Responding crews confirmed that none of the flights were affected by the incident.

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Three options in filing an OSHA safety and health complaint

Under the law, employees and other persons authorized are allowed to file a complaint or have their workplace inspected by agents of Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) upon noticing a potential danger that could cause them harm. Below are the three ways on how workers and their representatives could file a complaint:

  • Through OSHA’s online form
  • Through Fax or physical mail
  • Through OSHA’s local telephone

Complainants should know that OSHA handle all complaints seriously, making sure that the identity of the complainant is protected. OSHA does not require workers to know all the standards for them to file a complaint. If workers believe that a hazard could take place in their workplace, they are encouraged to file a complaint upon noticing it as OSHA can only take an action to a complaint filed within a period of six months of the violation.

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Properly handling patients linked to reduced workplace injuries in hospital

Researchers in Boston recently concluded health care professionals may assume a lower risk of injury if they implement “safe patient handling” practices, according to an article of Fox News Health published on November 4th.

In the study conducted by the researchers at Northeastern University, incidents of health care employees suffering from shoulder and neck injuries in hospitals dropped by 32 percent after a year of implementing safe patient handling policies. The study also revealed there was a significant decrease in other workplace injuries after implementing the policies. On the other hand, workplace injury rates barely changed in a hospital without similar patient handling policies and devices for assisting patients. Lead researcher Dr. Jack Dennerlein said implementing such policies likely benefit both patients and hospital workers.

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OSHA postpones enforcement of new workplace rules again

The “anti-retaliation” provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that were expected to be implemented in November have been moved, an article, posted by the Society for Human Resource Management, reported on October 26.

The new OSHA rule will require employers to remind employees of their rights to report any workplace hazards or accidents. Employers, on the other hand, have a duty to notify OSHA of any harm or illnesses happening in their workplace. The new law initially was scheduled to be implemented on August 10, however, it was rescheduled on November 1 then it was moved again on December 1. Though the implementation of the “anti-retaliation” provision has been moved, an attorney has suggested that employers should now start implementing the provision. Provisions regarding post-incident drug testing and safety incentives have been moved to December 1 as well.

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Worker injured in Minnesota trench accident

A construction worker in Crosby, Minnesota was rescued after being involved in a trench accident while on the job, an article of the Bemidji Pioneer reported on September 9.

According to reports, 21-year-old Joseph Erickson was involved in a workplace accident that happened around 11:09 a.m. on September 8. Erickson reportedly got trapped inside a trench at a construction site after falling from a 15 foot excavation. Rescuers initially had a hard time determining Erickson’s location. He sustained several fall-related injuries that, according to police chief Kim Coughlin, made for a “scary situation.” Residents provided assistance to responding fire crews in salvaging Erickson from the pit, Coughlin also said.

Workers have to deal with financial difficulties after sustaining injuries while on the clock. However, if you are injured on the job, working with a skilled attorney is important to help you obtain the workers’ compensation benefits you need for recovery. Speak with an attorney at Robert Wilson & Associates in Minnesota today by calling (612) 334-3444 to learn more about your options.

OSHA to hold meeting to discuss whistleblower rights

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is expected to hold a meeting in Washington tomorrow, Tuesday, November, 10, to further enforce employees to report any employers who are negligent in providing work-conducive environment, OSHA reported on October 26.

Reports said the Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee (WPAC) will also attend the meeting to discuss possible measures for protecting whistleblowing employees who step forward to report negative practices of their employing companies.

Public comments, presentation of state plans, and work group discussions are also expected to take place in the meeting. The meeting falls under OSHA’s provision to protect employees in various industries who are vigilant in maintaining healthy, safe, and accountable workplaces, and for ensuring that employers are abiding by OSHA regulations.

There have been notable examples of brave whistleblowers stepping forward to do what they believe is right in holding their company to a high standard of behaviors and practices. When companies fail to provide for the safety and well-being of their employees, the attorneys at Robert Wilson & Associates in Minnesota want to make sure justice is served. If you have been mistreated by your employer after sustaining an injury on the job, call our office at (612) 334-3444 today to learn about your legal options.

Ways to file a complaint with OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) and resulting organization has provided three anonymous options for workers who would like to file a complaint if they believe that their OSHA rights has been violated:

1. Workers may submit their written complaints online by visiting the agency’s website under “complaint form.”
2. Workers may file a complaint by calling their regional or area OSHA office. Contacting OSHA through telephone is advised if there is a danger or an emergency situation that needs to be addressed immediately.
3. Workers with an OSHA complaint may download and print a complaint form from a link provided online. Upon completing the complaint form, workers may mail or fax the form to their regional office.

The lawyers at the Robert Wilson & Associates understand that in Minnesota alone many workers’ rights are being violated and their safety compromised. If you think you have an OSHA complaint, we may be able to provide you legal assistance to support your claim. Find out how we may advocate for you today by calling (612) 334-3444.

Industrial worker in Minnesota fatally pinned by wood

An industrial worker in Minneapolis was killed after he was pinned by a wood product that fell from his forklift, ABC News 6 reported on June 29.

Reports said the fatal workplace accident happened at AA Container Sales, Inc. on Humboldt Avenue at around 4:00 p.m. on June 27. Employee Travis James Carter, a 36-year-old resident of Ham Lake, was reportedly utilizing a forklift to pile wood products. At a point when Carter had stepped down from the forklift, wood fell on top of him. A memorial charity fund was established through Wells Fargo for the four children Carter is survived by. Minneapolis police authorities and the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are attempting to determine the details that surround this incident. The OSHA monitors the maintenance of safety in the workplace across the country.

The lawyers at Robert Wilson & Associates are deeply sorry this incident occurred and extend their sincere condolences to the friends and family suffering during this difficult time.

MN to pass bill that promotes women’s welfare in workplace

After passing through the Minnesota legislature, a bill that promotes women’s welfare in the workplace is expected to be signed by Governor Mark Dayton, the National Law Review stated on May 10.

Reports said the Women’s Economic Security Act (Act) will improve the working conditions of women. Under the new bill, created by combining nine different bills, there are also specific protections for pregnant or nursing women. When “Act” is signed and enacted, the gender pay gap between women and men is expected to decrease. Lawmakers hope this bill will be beneficial for business in the state.

Protecting workers’ rights is vital to the health of the population. If you have been injured in your workplace, you should be entitled to the benefits you need to recover. If your employer denied you workers’ compensation benefits in Minnesota, the lawyers at Robert Wilson & Associates may help represent you. Tell us your story today by calling (612) 334-3444, and find out how we may assist you.