1 World Trade Center window cleaners rescued from 68-story scaffold accident

Fire fighters recently rescued two window cleaners hanging on loose scaffolding on the 68th floor of the 1 World Trade Center building in New York, ABC News reported on November 13.

Responding personnel took two hours on November 12 to rescue workers Juan Lopez and Juan Lizama on the outside window of the 68th floor of the skyscraper. Lopez and Lizama were reportedly working on the south part of the 1,776-foot building when a cable of the scaffolding platform suddenly loosened. New York Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro stated the platform containing the workers suddenly ended up almost vertical. The window cleaners were taken to a hospital and were later released. Authorities are still trying to determine what caused the scaffold malfunction that nearly killed the two window washers.

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Construction firm fined $7k in bridge accident

A construction firm in Minnesota was ordered to pay a fine worth $7,000 in connection to an accident that occurred last November in which a worker fell from a bridge on I-90, LaCrosseTribune.com reported on April 10.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) considers Ames Construction’s violation as “serious” after 19-year-old Logan Goodell fell from a bridge from an estimated height of 45 feet. Goodell suffered serious injuries after falling from the bridge on November 9, 2013. Though Goodell was properly restrained by harnesses, OSHA said that workers who are doing a job on a surface that is six feet or higher should have more protections in place to prevent falls.

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Tunnel accident kills one worker, injures another

One construction worker was killed and one was injured after exploding gout material from a tunnel they were working on hit them. The accident happened near Lake Mead National Recreation Area, just east of Las Vegas.

The men were in a three-foot diameter tunnel assembling a tunnel ring when part of it became loose, causing the grout to explode. The second worker is described as sustaining only minor injuries, Fox News reports.

Constructing the tunnel has shown to be problematic since work started in 2009. Cave-ins, flooding, and lost mining equipment has plagued the efforts to build a third tunnel to transport drinking water to Las Vegas.