Minnesota drunk driving attorneys

Woman dies from injuries sustained in drunk driving accident

Last week a woman who was hit by a drunk driver in early March died from her injuries. The woman and her husband were critically injured after a drunk driver crossed a median and slammed into their car in Blaine. According to the Anoka County Sheriff’s Department, the young female driver also died a few […] Read more

Minnesota drunk driving attorneys

Man charged for DWI on Zamboni

A 34 year-old man was arrested just south of Twin Cities after he drunkenly operated an ice resurfacer during a pee wee hockey game. Many of the players filmed the man swerving on the Zamboni on their cellphones. Witnesses called the police after the driver got the machine stuck between the ice and the rink’s […] Read more

Minnesota drunk driving lawyers

4000 Minnesota drunk driving cases on hold

Nearly 4,000 drunk driving cases in Minnesota are on hold as defense attorneys question the reliability of a certain breathalyzer device. The device in question is the Intoxilyzer 5000EN. Defense attorneys request the source code to check for defects that could have affected the reliability of the test. Right now Minnesota judges and prosecutors are […] Read more