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Minnesota traumatic brain injury lawyers

More former NFL players file lawsuit over brain injuries

The National Football League has several lawsuits pending as more and more former NFL players have come forwarded, claiming that repeated head injuries they suffered while playing has lead to permanent brain injuries. This past week, three more retired players have filed a lawsuit against the NFL and want to establish a medical monitoring program […] Read more

Minnesota traumatic brain injury lawyers

Woman awarded $30 million for brain injury suffered in boat accident

A 27-year-old woman from Chico, California was recently awarded over $30 million by a Butte County jury after she suffered a serious brain injury during a boating accident. The jury cited the boat’s manufacturing company, MasterCraft Boat Co., as liable for the woman’s injuries. The boating accident occurred in 2006 when the woman and her […] Read more

Minnesota traumatic brain injury lawyers

Minnesota bill on education about brain injuries supported in House

A bill in Minnesota that deals with brain injuries is currently gaining support in the state’s legislation committees. The bill would require that young athletes and their coaches receive education about brain injuries. In addition to requiring education on brain injuries, the bill would also establish tougher standards for allowing an athlete to return to a sport […] Read more