What should I do after a workplace injury?

Accidents in the workplace are sometimes unavoidable and could potentially occur during work at any kind of job. Workers who have been injured while performing their jobs should do the following immediately:

  • Ideally workers who were injured while doing their job should notify their employers immediately after the incident.
  • In some situations, workers may need to prioritize getting emergency treatment before they notify their employers.
  • Injured workers should truthfully provide details on how the workplace accident happened and how they became injured.
  • Employers of injured workers should provide a “First Report of Injury” (FROI).

Suffering injuries in the workplace is frustrating, especially as it may affect a person’s livelihood and ability to provide for his or her family. If you have experienced this in Minnesota, the attorneys at Robert Wilson & Associates may help you fight for the workers’ compensation you need to cover the cost of medical expenses and lost wages. Call us at (612) 334-3444 today to learn how we may work diligently on your behalf.