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Ways to handle insufficient workers’ comp benefits

Regardless of the severity, workers who have been injured while doing their jobs should receive sufficient benefits for recovery. Unfortunately, families are often left struggling with a great financial loss when insurance companies become negligent in assessing their claim. Injured workers and their families may take the following actions to prove the workers’ compensation benefits they received were insufficient: Investigate why […] Read more

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Robert Wilson to present at national conference on workers’ comp

At , we are excited to announce that our very own Robert Wilson will be presenting as part of a national seminar called “Negotiating Workers’ Compensation Settlements” on the 10th of June. The seminar will cover strategies that attorneys can use to help their clients achieve fair settlements through negotiation.  In particular, Wilson will be […] Read more

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What to do if a workers’ compensation claim is denied

Workers who sustain an injury in their workplace often must deal with not only the medical bills and other expenses that accrue as a result of their injury, but also, depending on the seriousness of the injury, lose income due to time off work. As such, many workers in this situation count on getting workers’ compensation […] Read more

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Work-related injuries in reclycing industry declined under new single-sort system

Fewer recycling workers in Minneapolis sustained injuries this season while doing their job under the single-sort system, according to a news report on February 8. Under the new system, the number of injuries that recycling workers sustained decreased compared to last winter due to the fact that workers now utilize a single cart to carry […] Read more

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Lifting related injuries

Although any worker may be susceptible to developing lifting related injuries, a person who works in the construction industry typically has a higher risk of sustaining injuries due to excessive lifting of heavy materials or equipment. Excessive lifting of heavy materials on the job site may lead to serious injuries in the long run. In […] Read more

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Three workers injured on the job

Three Nor-Son employees were injured Friday, Sept. 20th while working on Timberwood Church in Nisswa, Minnesota. The construction workers suffered non-life threatening injuries when multiple trusses collapsed at the site. Two workers were treated at Essentia Health-St. Joseph’s Medical Center, while the other was treated at North Memorial Medical Center. All three had yet to […] Read more

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2 city workers hurt on the job

Two city workers were injured in an accident while cleaning a sewer in Minnesota on the afternoon of Thursday, July 11. Reports coming from authorities said the accident happened in the 1900 Block on Plymouth Avenue. The two workers were knocked down by a fire hose that they were using to clean a sewer. The […] Read more

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Fund raising event set for injured farmer

A fund raising event has been organized for a farmer that was injured in a farm accident last year. Zion Lutheran Church in Princeton has organized an event to benefit cattle farmer Norman Sawyer, who broke his next in a farm accident April 19, 2012. Following the injury, Sawyer was confined at a neuro-trauma hospital […] Read more